Heat Sealed Food Grade Plastic Mylar Bags

Model NO.: 7.5cm*7.5cm; 7.5*11.2; 5.2*13; 8.5*12.7; etc.
Origin: Anhui, China(Mainland)
HS Code: 23933000
Heat Sealed Food Grade Plastic Mylar bags
----Good choice to preserve your food in long term.       
      Mylar bags used in medicine and food storage have revolutionized the way that medicine and food is stored long-term. The main ways that food is affected by long-term storage is through heat, light, moisture, oxygen, and rodents. Mylar bags help in all areas of these, although they do not replace a proper food storage container like food grade storage buckets. However, when used in conjunction with oxygen absorbers and food grade storage buckets mylar bags provide numerous benefits to keep your food safe for many years to come.

Usage:store food, tea, snack,seed,pills,medicine,pet food, whatever you need.
Material: Food-Grade-plastic;Aluminum Foil.
Size:7.5cm*7.5cm;7.5*11.2;5.2*13;8.5*12.7;etc. Customized.
Type: Flat, Stand up ,Slide etc.

Product Detail:
Product Name Item Size(MM) QTY/Case G.W: (Kg)/Case N.W:(Kg)/Case
Mylar Bags 7.5cm*7.5cm 3500pcs 6.7 6.2
7.5*11.2 2000pcs 5.6 5.1
5.2*13 2000pcs 5.2 4.7
8.5*12.7 2000pcs 8.2 7.5
15*6.8 Pre Roll 2500pcs 10 9
7.6*11.4*1.9 1gram 4000pcs 11 10
9.4*12.7*1.9 1/8oz  2500pcs 11 11
10.2*16.5*2.3 1/4oz  2000pcs 12 11
12.5*20.5*3 1/2oz  1500pcs 13.5 12
15*23.5*3 1oz 1000pcs 12.5 11
36*46*5cm 500pcs 10.5 9

Product Display

Heat Sealed Food Grade Plastic Mylar Bags

Heat Sealed Food Grade Plastic Mylar Bags
Heat Sealed Food Grade Plastic Mylar Bags

Packaging & Shipping
Standard Carton
Also can be customized.

By ship or air

More info you may want to know

1.What materials do you use for the Bags?
Answer: Usually we offer FDA grade and 100% food grade material.

2.Do you have other colors ?
Answer: Yes, we can customize the color.

3.How do you ship the products?
Answer: We usually ship the products by sea freight, it will save much shipping costs.

4.Can I get samples before placing order? How to get the samples?
Answer: Yes, we can send you samples, you just pay shipping cost ,before we send the samples.

5.How can we pay for the order?
Answer: You can choose T/T,L/C, Paypal or Western Union, there will be handling fee if you choose paypal for payment.

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Heat Sealed Food Grade Plastic Mylar Bags

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Heat Sealed Food Grade Plastic Mylar Bags

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