The overall solution for the construction of the ancient campus network television station (HD)

Construction background

With the rapid development of network and multimedia technology, many schools have built a campus network environment. When the network hardware infrastructure is becoming mature, the campus network environment is fully utilized, and advanced modern educational technology is used to reform traditional educational technology to adapt to the times. The need for development and the continuous development of the modernization of educational technology have become an inevitable trend and continue to become a reality.

VIEWGOOD ancient campus network TV station solution, in addition to completely replacing the original analog live broadcast system, greatly improving the clarity of video, can also achieve mobile live broadcast, cross-school live broadcast, TV broadcast and other functions at any location on campus, teachers and students can be anywhere Can receive live video through the campus network, and can review the live broadcast content.

Program overview

"Ancient Campus Network TV Station" is a digital recording, acquisition, editing, and broadcasting system that can connect the campus network and the internal cable TV network to realize the direct viewing of the teaching process in each classroom on the terminal computer in each office or classroom Live broadcast, real-time programs of various education channels, programs that have been recorded and saved on the internal video server, and audio-visual materials played by the campus TV broadcast equipment, and can also watch related programs on the TVs of various classrooms. Live broadcast related programs. In order to achieve efficient transmission of video teaching resources, to provide teachers with a more complete information network system. In addition, the design plan is to establish a school library of outstanding and key teachers, complete the recording of the school's high-quality curriculum resources, and record the national quality courses and provincial quality courses. Realize live broadcast of classroom teaching and live broadcast of campuses. Live broadcast or live broadcast of teaching or laboratory activities and courses to the whole school through the Internet. The Teaching Affairs Office conducts teaching evaluation and appraisal, and is more convenient, accurate and objective through network management and monitoring.

system interface

Figure 1: Campus video news

Figure 2: Campus live TV broadcast on campus (including chat room function)

Figure 3: Simultaneous live broadcast of multiple video signals in the classroom

Figure 4: Campus network TV station (with time shift function)

Network Architecture

Application scenario

Educational video news broadcast

Watch, manage, query, and analyze the latest education-related video news

Educational Video Resource Library

Establish and improve the regional education resource database for easy inquiry, online viewing inquiry, management, etc.

Table scene synchronization teaching

Remotely realize the synchronized playback of computer desktop scenes and live explanations, the effect is realistic as if you were there.

Observation by distance teaching

Realize the observation of the teaching site remotely and realize the remote listening class.

Live event

Support distributed live broadcast, live broadcast source can be live broadcast of major events in any place, you can watch live live broadcast of events on the platform through the platform.

Distance Education Center

Powerful charge management authority management, providing remote education services for internal and external users. Realize distance teaching.

Educational Television

Multi-channel live TV can be established for selective broadcast.

Conference Live Room

Live broadcast of leadership speeches, lectures by experts, etc.

Classic movie collection

Classic extracurricular collection, enjoy classic video works, cultivate sentiment.

User reviews

The establishment of the ancient campus network TV station has helped customers realize the functions of on-demand, live broadcast, and broadcast services for a large number of teaching resources such as text, audio, video, and courseware at any time on campus. This program is organically integrated with the digital campus computer network to avoid repeated investment in schools and is the best choice for modern education. The completed network TV station not only allows students to receive general knowledge education, but also cultivates students' comprehensive social values ​​such as self-study, hands-on ability, team interaction, and social practice. Diversified teaching provides a teaching model similar to the pluralistic environment of the society, making it lively, realistic and interactive. (Proposal: Nanjing Yuangu Technology Co., Ltd. 025-84668933)

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