Artificial stone, natural stone decorative plate light curing coating

The invention is an ultraviolet curable coating. It is suitable for the coating of colored concrete slabs, natural stone (marble, granite, etc.), ceramic materials, and Other cement materials. The adhesion, stability and other physical and chemical properties of the coating meet the requirements for use. The product has a high-gloss imitation marble decoration effect, which can replace expensive and scarce natural marble, can also improve the quality of natural stone, and can simplify the processing procedures, and is especially suitable for the decoration of interior and exterior walls of medium and high-grade buildings.
The paint manufacturing process is simple, the raw material price is low, the production cycle is short, and there is no pollution of three wastes. The substrate coating adopts curtain coating and UV curing process, and the drying speed is fast (within three minutes) and low energy consumption, which is suitable for large-scale production.

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