China's furniture exports once again "injured" wood products increased to the United States and Europe

The EU has recently passed the “Wood and Wood Products Regulations and New Environmental Design Directives” to further increase the barriers to the export of wood products in China.

The United States and the European Union are the main furniture export markets in Shandong. The new regulations are "aggravated by the Chinese furniture export enterprises that are in the midst of a downturn in the global economic downturn."

The EU and the United States are Shandong's major furniture export markets. The new regulations are aggravated by the Chinese furniture export enterprises that were in the midst of a downturn in the global economic downturn. Han Qingsheng, secretary-general of Shandong Furniture Industry Association, told the Economic Reporter on the 22nd that "furniture export enterprises should actively develop markets outside Europe and the United States while improving their competitiveness, and both domestic and foreign sales should be carried out with "two legs". ”

Frequent barriers

Nowadays, under the situation of tight real estate regulation and weakening demand, the furniture industry has begun to show a “shuffle” situation. Some enterprises have experienced a decline in sales, sharp decline in profits, and even fell into a state of loss. The news of reducing production, closing stores, and laying off employees has emerged one after another. Just when China's furniture industry fell into a trough, foreign trade barriers bills showed a tendency to bombard.

The "Wood and Wood Products Regulations and New Environmental Design Directive" formally adopted by the European Union will take effect on March 3 next year. The new regulations require that wood products imported into the EU market must obtain FSC ID card, which means that the wood purchased by the manufacturer It is produced from legally developed forests and has strict requirements on the environmental performance of raw materials.

A person in charge of the furniture exporting company, who is not willing to be named, said that many of the countries in the supply of logs and timber products have problems of illegal logging. The use of "illegal logs" is mostly concentrated on small and medium-sized enterprises. "The new regulations may make this happen. Furniture-like enterprises have abandoned the European and American markets. After all, small and medium-sized enterprises rely on low prices to attract customers. Now the labor cost advantage is no longer there. If the so-called "identity card" logs of European and American countries are purchased, they will lose their competitive advantage."

In recent years, export companies have been "added to the snow"

The United States and the European Union countries are the major exporters of China's furniture. According to relevant data, in 2010, China's furniture exports to the United States and the European Union accounted for 53.9% of China's total furniture exports.

"China's furniture exports mainly rely on price advantage, which has a greater impact on the real economy of exporting countries and affects employment." Han Qingsheng said that in the current global economic downturn, raising the threshold is also to reduce the impact on local production enterprises.

"As the cost of raw materials and labor increases, the production costs of domestic enterprises continue to increase, and the foreign sales price has not increased, directly compressing the profit margin of enterprises. The appreciation of the renminbi has made corporate profits shrink, and the new EU regulations are undoubtedly worse." It is said that at present, most domestic furniture manufacturing enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises, with low industrial concentration and lack of long-term development planning, and insufficient management capabilities in product design, production technology and quality control. “Enterprises should work hard on internal management to reduce costs and improve overall competitiveness.

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