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Patent Name: Corrugated Board Press Line Machine Roller Patent Applicant Lake Beijing Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 430015, No. 22, Jiangxing Road, Jianghan Development Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China Inventors Yang Hao; Li Xinyun; Wang Guohai; Wang Qiang; Gui Zhongyuan Application (Patent) No. 200320115770.8 Application Date 2003.11.05 Approval Date Approval Notice No. 2737537 Audit Notice Date 2005.11.02 Manual CD-ROM D0544 Main Classification Number B31B1/25 Classification No. B31B1/25 Division Original Application No. The utility model relates to a corrugated press wheel structure of a corrugated board press line machine, relating to a corrugated board printing slot machine, and a rolling wheel structure for rolling corrugated board. By improving the geometry of the traditional, under pressure line wheel contour, the upper pressure line wheel is a round head line, the lower pressure line wheel is a concave type, the concave size is determined according to the thickness of the cardboard, ie: W=2×a+b±0.050 Mm, H=2×a±0.050 mm. And the pressing roller can be replaced. The utility model has the following advantages: 1. The roller is used to roll the paperboard, the indentation line is clear, the indentation line has no explosive or dark lines, the folding along the indentation line does not run away, and the carton is easy to fold and form. No scrap will appear. 2. The use of the utility model pressure line structure, used for printing slotted line presses can be operated with the folding sticky box (pin box) machine to produce the corrugated box to meet the needs of automatic packaging machine. Sovereign Items 1. A corrugated board press line reel, which is characterized in that the top press reel (3) adopts a round head line and the lower press reel (7) has a concave shape.

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