The bedroom closet is a perfect match for your midsummer night dream

1, set up and use a variety of light sources

You may not realize that the light source settings in the bedroom are important to make a cold room warm and comfortable, and to mediate your mood.

It is recommended to place soft spotlights in the bedroom, and to create a peaceful and peaceful light throughout the room to complement the textiles in the room. Use the bed head as a functional light source to make it easy for you to read before going to sleep. It is recommended that you place it on the wall, which is better than the table lamp on the bedside table. By using the light source, the bedroom can easily adjust your mood and help you quickly move from daytime excitement to nighttime tranquility.

The best canvas in warm white light, the light projected on the white light furniture, soft light, warm and clean. The decorative lace on the top of the cabinet is fresh and smart, and the butterfly that dances with the Buddha is white and very versatile. It can match a variety of bedroom styles.

2, let the bed become the center of the bedroom

In the bedroom, the bed undoubtedly occupies the most important and important position. Before deciding how to place your bed, be sure to ask yourself which side of the body will make you feel more comfortable when you fall asleep and wake up. For those who get up early, the bed is facing a window, and the sun shines in on the morning, they can enjoy the beautiful feeling of being awakened by the sun. For those night owls, avoiding the window light source, and facing the wall can make them sleep well during the day. The position of the bed actually determines how much you can relax in the bedroom.

3, more use of flat and neutral colors

The color in the natural color is more conducive to the relaxation of the mood. Grass green, lake blue, brown, etc. can bring people's body and mind to nature. That's why the SPA always chooses the colors that can be found in nature, and they can help you relax. Like the bathroom, try the natural coloured towels, rugs and curtains.

The soft color and the innovative frame of the cloakroom style make the room transparent and brighter, which gives a natural and comfortable original feeling. Under the reflection of the LED sensor light embedded in the laminate, the gloss is bright and beautiful. The most beautiful landscape in the bedroom.

Frame cloakroom style 2.jpg

Frame cloakroom style

4, for the most comfortable and extravagant

When choosing bedding, you can basically say: what kind of price determines what kind of quality you can enjoy. Although the decoration should be good and save, don't be on the bedding, buy the most expensive and best textiles within the price range you can afford. When you sleep on such sheets, you will understand the different qualities and feelings.

The reason why high-end hotels make you feel like being in paradise is the high-level bed they offer, and the high-quality textiles on the bed. Fluffy soft blankets, goose feather pillows, and pillows let you immerse yourself in the moment you lie down, and the finest sheets make you feel like gentle touches. Remember, extravagant for comfort!

5, peace of mind makes people calm

Do you like classic classical music, or natural water bird songs? No matter what the answer is, choose the music that you like that will let you relax. More and more people choose to put the multimedia sound system in the bedroom, because the sound can help people relax, it is easy and easy to concentrate, and people can get back to good condition.

The classic classical music is immersed in the elegant European atmosphere. At this time, the European cloakroom is the best choice . Under the simplification of the practicality of function, it is not expensive, let people enjoy the life of a European aristocrat. Experience.

European style cloakroom.jpg

European style cloakroom

6, the smell can also help you relax

Try to add lavender or other fragrances and essential oils to your pillow, which will make you love your bedroom more. The natural scent of flowers, grass and forests creates a beautiful atmosphere and is the crowning touch of your king-class bedroom. In addition, remember to open the windows regularly, let the natural breeze, fresh air enter the bedroom and enter your body and mind.

To let the bedroom be filled with natural vegetation, of course, you can't let the odorous gas such as formaldehyde emitted from the artificial board be broken. In addition to the solid wood board, you can choose a healthy fragrant board wardrobe , which is made of natural herbs such as straw. Zero formaldehyde is non-polluting, which makes the room more natural and at the same time cares for the health of the family. The true nature is not only the aroma of herbal oils, but also the natural and natural.

Woxiang board wardrobe.jpg

Woxiang board wardrobe

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