The most popular honey bottle packaging form

Honey health, honey weight loss, honey beauty, etc. The various uses of honey make honey sales better. Packaging companies have also begun to notice this market. Because honey itself is acidic, it is not suitable to use metal packaging. The best honey bottle should be PET and glass.

The more viscous the honey, the better, but in the viscous state, we have many conditions when drinking. In order to facilitate drinking, most use dumping, but in the dumping process, due to the viscous honey, honey often stays in the mouth of the honey bottle, and sometimes it is stained and uncomfortable.
It is understood that many consumers have encountered such a situation, many customers even said that when buying will look at the style of honey bottles, buy a convenient bottle of honey packaging.
Sharp-nosed honey bottle is the most popular packaging on the market. Because the bottle mouth is small, the needle-shaped honey bottle is easy to control the amount of use first, followed by the unique design of the bottle mouth, which can prevent honey from staying on the surface, causing unnecessary waste.


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