What are the functional applications of serine?

Serine is a non-essential amino acid that plays a role in the metabolism of fats and fatty acids and muscle growth. Why? Because it contributes to the production of immune hemoglobin and antibodies and maintains a healthy immune system.

So, what are the functional applications of serine?

L-serine is a non-essential amino acid and has many important physiological functions and functions.

1. Synthetic precursors of purine, thymine and choline;

2. After phosphorylation, L-serine hydroxyl group can derivatize phosphoserine with important physiological functions, which is one of the main components of phospholipids;

3. It has the effect of stabilizing the pH value of eye drops, and it is non-irritating after eye drops; one of the important natural moisturizing factors (NMF), the main role of the skin cuticle to maintain moisture, and a key additive in advanced cosmetics.

Applications are:

1. Pharmaceutical raw materials: L-serine is widely used to configure third-generation compound amino acid infusions and nutritional supplements, and is used to synthesize a variety of silk amino acid derivatives, such as cardiovascular, anti-cancer, new AIDS drugs and genetically engineered protected amino acids;

2. Food: L-serine is used in sports drinks, amino acid slimming drinks, etc .;

3. Feed: L-serine is used for animal feed and can promote animal growth and development.

Determination of serine content:

Take about 0.1g of this product, weigh accurately, add 1ml of anhydrous formic acid to dissolve, add 25ml of glacial acetic acid, according to potentiometric titration method (Appendix â…¦ A), titrate with perchloric acid titration solution (0.1mol / L), and The results of the titration were corrected with a blank test. Each 1ml of perchloric acid titration solution (0.1mol / L) is equivalent to 10.51mg of C3H7NO3.

Serine is used in our company for scientific research, and the purification methods of biochemical reagents are:

1. Distillation. For volatile reagents, such as commonly used organic acids, organic solvents, etc. are the most commonly used purification methods. Select atmospheric or vacuum distillation according to the boiling point.

2. Sublimation. For some easily sublimable reagents, such as iodine, naphthalene, etc., this method is the most convenient.

3. Recrystallization. Suitable for the purification of most solid reagents, the key is to choose a suitable solvent.

4. Solvent extraction. Whether the precursor or impurities are extracted into the organic solvent phase, the purpose of purification can be achieved.

5. Ion exchange chromatography separation. It is a new type of high-efficiency purification method. For example, it removes iron (FeCl4-) in hydrochloric acid by anion exchange resin.

In addition, there are special methods such as thin layer chromatography, electrodialysis, regional melting, and ion exchange membranes to separate and purify chemical reagents.

Serine CAS number: 56-45-1

English name: Serine, USP

Product Numbers: S1023

Molecular formula: C3H7NO3

Molecular weight: FW 105.09

Packing: 25 KG

Main role: scientific research

Brand: Spectrum

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