Muscle growth limit is the best time to exercise muscles

    Through scientific and targeted equipment fitness training, the muscles of the human body can be more and more developed. Because muscles work to consume a lot of nutrients, after exercise, after proper relaxation, the nutrients in the muscles are quickly replenished, and the amount of supplementation will be more than the amount consumed. This phenomenon is physiologically Called "overweight recovery." Because of the "over-recovery", muscles can get more nutrients, and the muscles become more and more developed; the fat layer becomes thinner and thinner until the degree is properly cut off.

Relationship between pulse (heart rate) and training
     When practicing bodybuilding, the pulse during exercise should be between 60% and 70% of the highest pulse per minute (maximum pulse = 220-age). After 2 to 3 months of exercise, the pulse can be increased to Between 70-85%.
     There is also a relationship between the rhythm of music and the heart rate during bodybuilding, and the rhythm of healthy adult ambition should be about 60 times per minute. The rhythm of 60 minutes per minute (ie, medium speed) and the normal circadian rhythm of the person are just right. Resonance. If the rhythm of this rate of music is the most balanced, the blood is breathing smoothly, neither excited nor restrained, it is the best rhythm of nursed physiology (the yoga rhythm takes this rhythm), and the choice is slower than each The music rhythm of about 60 beats per minute has the effect of suppressing and slowing the human circadian rhythm (hypnosis is this rhythm).
     Conversely, if you choose a music rhythm that is faster than 60 beats per minute, there will be excitement, which can promote physiological and biochemical effects, such as Disco music rhythm, about 120 beats per minute, which is almost faster than the circadian rhythm. At double the rate, the biological activity of the body is stimulated and the emotions are excited. In short, in the bodybuilding practice, we must master the pulse rate according to the different conditions of each person's age, physical condition, etc., and choose the appropriate music rhythm, so that the body can have a good promotion effect.

Why do you want to cultivate (the need for refining)
   1. Growth resistance Physical health: Regular participation in sputum can change the quality of muscles, and increase the content of muscle glycogen, myosin, actin and muscle red (scarlet) protein. Can increase the body's resistance to disease. Make your body healthier.
  2. Promote metabolism: Regular participation in smelting can enable the body to get more nutrients and oxygen, which is ribbed to the body's metabolism.
  3. Strong and powerful body: Regular participation in smelting can make muscle fibers thicker, muscle cross-section and volume increase, making the body strong and powerful.
   4. Muscle tightening: People who do not often participate in sports training generally show shoulder muscles, waist and abdomen, muscle relaxation of the buttocks and lower limb muscles, increased subcutaneous fat, and reduced muscle elasticity.
Therefore, it is very necessary to participate in the practice.
     Through effective fitness training, you can strengthen your muscles, increase your muscle area, and reduce the thick fat layer. Generally speaking, as long as you practice 峙 3-4 months, you can achieve initial results, if you have a systematic confrontation In about 10 months, the muscle area can grow by 5-15 cm.

How to prevent muscle stiffness? Why is muscle stiffness?
     Muscles are subjected to load for a long time and high intensity, consume a lot of energy, and have a large oxygen debt. Therefore, lactic acid is accumulated in the muscles, causing changes in the internal environment of the muscles, such as blood sugar reduction, and the muscle working ability is lowered. This is a temporary normal physiological phenomenon, and is also a response to the body's protective inhibition and "self-defense signals." The main manifestations are uncoordinated movements, distraction, etc. This indicates that the muscles are already fatigued. If you do not pay attention to adjustment and rest, the muscles will easily develop stiffness.

Muscle stiffness
     Generally, people with poor strength or long interruptions will be trained to carry out heavy weight and high intensity. It is easy to cause excessive muscle load, insufficient oxygen supply, and a large amount of metabolites (lactic acid, carbon dioxide) will accumulate in the muscles. Muscles are bred and stiff, sometimes causing muscle cramps.

     After muscle cramps, the extent of contraction and extension will be reduced, and the movements will be inconsistent (if the movement is unskilled or the force is too strong, the muscles will be pulled and the injury will occur). When this happens, the cerebral cortex will be protective, which will reduce the muscle working ability, thus increasing the muscle fatigue. If the stiff muscles are not relaxed and restless, the function will be lower and lower, and the muscle stiffness will be Will grow bigger and bigger.

How do you prevent muscle stiffness?
  1. Arrange the appropriate amount of exercise and the intensity and density of the exercise: The actual strength, density, time and quantity should be selected as appropriate, and the intensity and density of exercise and exercise should be arranged.
   2. The training should be changed: the muscle group to be refined should be comprehensive, the training methods should be diverse, and the muscles that are hard and forceless should be alternated.
   3. Master the power of muscle relaxation: The ability to relax muscles should be mastered. After each exercise, apply vibration, deep breathing, massage, hot water bath, etc. to fully relax the muscles, so as to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible.
  4. Good mastery of technical essentials: Good mastery of technical essentials, pay attention to the coordination of muscle contraction and relaxation, reduce unnecessary work and consumption.

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