Stadium pavilion seating material technology introduction

Stadium stadium seating is a seat that is used exclusively in the auditorium and stadium auditorium.

I. Development and production of stadium stand seating types

Plastic stand chairs

The plastic stand seat adopts imported polyethylene, blow molding a molding process, full appearance, smooth lines, durable, strong weatherability, easy to clean, widely used.


FRP stand chairs

FRP seat panel, smooth surface, weather resistance, chemical resistance, anti-aging, no cracking, colorful, easy to clean, so that the entire stadium clean and beautiful, is now widely used in various stadiums, halls. Color can be formulated according to user needs.


The stadium stand seat adopts imported plastic injection molding and blow molding. The material has good stability, beautiful appearance, firm structure, long service life, elastic foot, impact resistance, etc.

Excellent material: Philip's blow molding special materials, pigments, UV absorbers and antioxidants are all used in the world's best CIB products.

Good strength: mechanical properties exceed the national standard, seat impact 80Kg · 300mm, chair legs carrying ≥ 700 Kg vertical force, large beam spacing (160mm) can withstand greater back and forth swing.

Superior performance: After high temperature (+75°C) and low temperature (-50°C) storage test, it is sold south to the Micronesia Stadium in the equatorial island of Chilan, and it is sold to Russia in the snow and ice. It still shines after years of tests. .

All metal parts are electrostatically sprayed and rust-proofed after phosphating pickling, and the surface is fixed in a hidden manner for easy cleaning.

According to the production method can be divided:

a. Injection chair; b. Hollow blow chair.

According to the seat shape can be divided:

a. flat chair; b. low back chair; c. middle back chair; d. high back chair; e. split (upset) chair.

According to the installation can be divided:

a. iron foot paperback; b. iron foot side mounted; c. iron foot stand installed; d. aluminum foot side mounted; e. aluminum foot stand.

Optional accessories and others:

a. Handrails; b. Cushion; c. Coffee table frame; d. Move the feet; e. Add anti-aging agent; f. Add flame retardant g.

Good abrasion resistance Hollow blow seat material has good toughness and excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking.

Water repellency will not affect the appearance of the chair due to the contamination of juice and sewage.

The formula of the color stable seat adopts the color masterbatch imported by American PuLiWan Co., Ltd. and Japan DIC Co., Ltd. to ensure the lasting and bright color of the seat. After many years, there is no obvious fading, discoloration and cracking on the surface.

Second, special technical measures

According to the outdoor open air environment, appropriate technical measures shall be taken for the installation of the outdoor grandstand seats:

(1) In the production process of the seat, imported light stabilizer is added to ensure the lasting bright color of the seat; after the seat metal fixing parts are phosphatized and pickled, they are subjected to rust-proof and anti-corrosion treatment.

(2) The chair seat surface is designed with self-draining holes that will not accumulate water due to rain; the seats have a good self-cleaning finish; the seats are firmly connected to the ground; the stabilizing holes are watertight and will not occur Leakage situation.

(3) The seat has enough strength and anti-sloshing ability and is installed in a grouped manner, avoiding the influence of one seat to affect the surrounding seats.

Hollow blow seat polyethylene performance index

Trade Names

Guan Aotong




High-density polyethylene

Melt flow rate (g/mm)


Density (g/cm3)


Cleanliness (contaminated particles)

A ≤ 20, B ≤ 1

Tensile strength at yield


Environmental Stress Cracking, Condition AF50


Elongation at break


Ash Ash

% ≤ 0.03

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