Size design technique of 0201 corrugated box


Dimensional design is an important part of corrugated box design. Reasonable size design not only can better meet customer needs, but also save costs and improve production efficiency to a certain extent. In this paper, the author combines his own work experience to briefly introduce the most common 0201 corrugated box size design on the market, hoping to play a role in attracting jade.
There are three ways to represent corrugated boxes: inner diameter, outer diameter, and manufacturing size. In theory, the relationship between the three has the following relationship: the length of the manufacturing dimension (width) = the length of the inner diameter dimension (width) + the thickness of the cardboard; the height of the manufacturing dimension = the height of the inner diameter dimension + the thickness of the two cardboard; The length (width) of the diameter dimension = the length (width) of the manufactured dimension + the thickness of the cardboard; the height of the outer diameter = the height of the manufactured dimension + the thickness of the two cardboard.
It should be noted that since the corrugated cardboard box is superimposed in the height direction by the two flaps, the outer diameter size is high and the manufacturing size is high, and the height of the manufacturing dimension is different from the inner diameter dimension by the thickness of the two cardboard sheets. If the cardboard is rigid, then the relationship between them is like the above relationship. In fact, there is a gap in the center of the cardboard, and there is a certain amount of corrugated box extension during the folding of the cardboard press marks. When dimensioning corrugated boxes, regardless of the parameters provided by the customer, for corrugated box manufacturers, the manufacturing dimensions used for the corrugated box development are finally expressed as length × width × height. According to the corrugated box parameters provided by the customer, the corresponding size can be designed.

The customer provides the inner diameter size

If the customer provides the inner diameter of the corrugated box, the manufacturing size of the corrugated box should be calculated according to the thickness of the cardboard of each manufacturer and the amount of indentation of the corrugated box obtained from the long-term test. Table 1 shows the 0201 corrugated box. The amount of extension and release obtained for different types of defects.

Table 1 0201 corrugated box for different types of expansion and output (unit: mm)
Note: L, B, and H represent the length, width, and height of the corrugated box, respectively, and F represents the flap of the corrugated box.
Due to the different requirements of each customer, the manufacturing dimensions of corrugated boxes will be adjusted appropriately. The type of corrugated box is generally provided by the customer. If the customer does not specify it, it needs to be considered according to the weight of the contents, the season of corrugated box use and other factors. For example, if the contents are lighter and not fragile, the season is dry season, you can use single corrugated cardboard; if it is fragile, the season is rainy season, you should use double corrugated cardboard, because the rainy season will be greatly reduced The compressive strength of cardboard is easy to cause bulging and collapse.

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