6 waterproof foundations, fake makeup, diving, not afraid

Many viewers are very much looking forward to seeing the scenes of the stars, because this is almost impossible to capture in public, but diving can really test whether the stars are really good? Look at those girls who play tricks The paintings of each of them have been tossed in the water for a long time without seeing makeup. The secret is of course the anti-watercolor makeup .

6 waterproof foundations, fake makeup, diving, not afraid

1. Lange Xuerun flawless air cushion powder gel SPF30+/PA++

Contains a whitening complex (Indica/Silybum/Polyglutamic acid, etc.) to reveal translucent skin. Moisturizing mineral water replenishes skin with more than 30% moisture. The spherical powder particles which are close to the refractive index of the skin regulate the light refraction and naturally conceal and present a clear skin tone. Air cushion powder particles prevent makeup loss caused by sweat and oil. SPF30+/PA++ high sun protection.

6 waterproof foundations, fake makeup, diving, not afraid

2, dream makeup æ¼¾ æ¼¾ Run Yan repair cream SPF30+/PA++

The natural color developed for Chinese women brings a radiant and vibrant complexion throughout the day. Gives the skin plenty of moisture while bringing a refreshing feeling of use. Apply a gentle touch to reveal the skin. The natural botanical wax component contained in the mountain tea leaves forms a moisture film on the skin surface, effectively locking the moisture and creating a lubricated skin. Fully moisturizes while strengthening skin elasticity and preventing enlarged pores. At the same time, the creamy texture gently covers the pores.

6 waterproof foundations, fake makeup, diving, not afraid

3, Paris L'Oreal multi-protection isolation dew (evening effect) SPF30+/PA+++

Unique 10x repairing power, not only invisible pores, acne marks, spots and other skin blemishes, but also has exclusive color balance technology, perfect to brighten and rejuvenate; infused with moisturizing essence, a touch of super-adhesive, more guaranteed 12 hours Moisturizing beauty. Ultra-wideband UV filter system with UV isolation, perfect isolation of UVA/UVB damage, long-lasting protection, so that your skin is not black.

6 waterproof foundations, fake makeup, diving, not afraid

4, muscle research muscle breathing very pink BB cream - bright white complexion

Moisturizing base cream, gently smear, experience smooth powdery feeling; oil control concealer formula, effectively cover facial pores and other flaws, even skin tone, easy to create natural thin nude makeup; add hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen, effective moisturizing and anti- Oxidizing, the skin is moisturized and moisturized throughout the day; contains arbutin and vitamin C derivatives, effectively revitalizing whitening and translucent skin; low irritation, no preservatives, alcohol, spices and mineral oil.

6 waterproof foundations, fake makeup, diving, not afraid

5, Maybelline New York mineral water flawless liquid foundation

Innovative micro-sea surface material fills the skin with the finest way in the most delicate way. The dry lines fade in an instant, the pores are invisible, and the fingers are clean and uncomfortable. A unique mineral formula that gives the skin a breathable, flawless cover that retains a long-lasting, healthy glow.

6 waterproof foundations, fake makeup, diving, not afraid

6, DHC firming skin lotion liquid foundation (bright skin tone)

A liquid foundation rich in beauty liquid components such as Japanese upper limit concentration Coenzyme Q10 and super hyaluronic acid is added. The thick, moisturizing texture blends with the skin as if it melts, instantly covering fine lines , dullness, pores and bumps. At the same time, the perfect makeup effect is created to create a rich and moist, full-bodied glossy skin.

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