Real estate industry trend is good to drive the consumption of wooden door market

With the recent surge in second-hand housing transactions, the wooden door market for second-hand housing has also ushered in a sales season. Since the end of 2012, the land trading market has begun to appear as “land king”. The property market across the country has begun to boom again, and some rigid demanders with currency purchases have begun to enter the market. The macroeconomic upsurge and the booming property market will definitely push the wooden door market to pick up. Compared with previous years, this year's second-hand housing market has undoubtedly brought certain benefits to the wooden door industry.

In 2013, many wooden door companies started the first marketing campaign this year, and some wooden door companies also set a new year's work goals. As the traditional peak season of the home industry, the major stores will certainly not miss, and the home market after the New Year is hot. At the same time, some experts pointed out that the continued property control measures may make the market heat slightly lower than in previous years, but the rigid demand of consumers has always been, so it should be steady and rising.

China United Real Estate experts analyzed that the high number of transactions was mainly due to the new “National Five Articles” and the implementation of the detailed rules. Since the policy rules concerning taxation were not yet clear, the policy “vacuum period” was formed, which led to panic in the market, but this It will also bring a small range of wooden door decoration and wooden door market in the coming months.

The real estate industry is originally a very strong industry. When the real estate industry is in good shape, many related industries will benefit. Throughout the property market in March, the number of new homes broke 14,000 sets, the fourth highest in history, while the second-hand housing transactions broke 8,000 sets, the highest in history. The achievement of such a result in the property market is also a situation that the wooden door industry is happy to see, which also laid a good foundation for stimulating the consumption of the wooden door industry.

It can be seen that the entire real estate industry is still growing, second-hand housing transactions are re-active, and there is no shortage of room for growth in the pan-home market such as wooden doors. The problem now facing the wooden door company is that most of the new homeowners in the second-hand house will renovate the "new home". This is no doubt, but choose how the wooden door will be installed by the renovated homeowner. It is a wooden door enterprise that needs to be considered. Only by trying to understand the psychological needs of consumers, the wooden door enterprise can seize the opportunity and create profit value in this second-hand housing market.

In response to this problem, in fact, some wooden door enterprises have made timely response, and recently saw a promotional leaflet for the promotion of second-hand housing market in a store of a wooden door enterprise. The leaflet clearly stated that the copy of the relevant documents was obtained. You can go to any of the brand's stores to buy a floor and enjoy a 10% discount. According to the sales staff in the store, such relatively strong promotion methods are only applicable to customers who purchase second-hand houses during 2012-2013.

Since the second-hand houses are characterized by existing houses, many wooden door decoration companies have launched corresponding products for the decoration characteristics of the second-hand housing market. A person in charge of wooden door decoration said that in the past few days, the company has received a lot of floor orders. Most of the orders in April were supplied for renovation of old houses, accounting for nearly 60% of all orders from the company. This is the first time that the wooden door decoration company has appeared. The second-hand housing order exceeded the new home order.

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