Clean the skin and master the correct makeup removal steps

Clean the skin, master the correct makeup removal steps

Can eye and lip special cleansing oil and ordinary cleansing oil be mixed?

In addition to eye care products, almost all skin care products are indicated, please use around the eyes. Because the skin around the eyes is only a quarter of the thickness of the cheeks, it is very delicate and easy to be sensitive and tired. All use of eye and lip special cleansing oil is very necessary. It is advisable not to mix eye and lip special cleansing oil with regular cleansing oil.

Step1 Eye and Lip Makeup Remover:

Soak the cotton pad with a special cleansing oil for the eyes and lips. Close your eyes, apply the soaked cotton pad to your eyes and gently press on the cotton pad. After about 30 seconds, use a cotton pad to gently wipe the eyelids from top to bottom several times. Then, the cotton pad is folded in half, and the corner portion of the eye that is difficult to remove is treated with the corner portion. After most of the eye makeup has been cleaned, use a cotton pad to gently remove the remaining parts. Then remove the lip makeup, first apply a proper amount of makeup remover with a cotton pad to the corner of the mouth for about 5 seconds, then gently wipe from the sides of the lips to the center of the lip.

Because the skin around the eyes is very fragile, improper protection is also the easiest condition. Therefore, the makeup removal work of the eye must not be sloppy, and the movement should be gentle.

Step2 Face Remover:

The makeup remover of the pump design, the amount of two pumps is about to fall on the palm of the hand. With your hands dry, use your fingers to extend the makeup remover over the entire face and gently massage. Be careful not to overlook the sides of the nose and the parts around the mouth. To prevent excessive irritation of the skin, the cheeks should not be massaged vigorously. Just hold the entire palm against the cheeks and slowly melt the makeup with the temperature on your hands.

Step3 Water emulsification:

Note that makeup removers should not stay on the face for too much time. After removing the makeup, wash the face with warm water of about 30 degrees. When washing your face, it is best to use running water, which is relatively clean. After the makeup remover on your hands and face is completely emulsified, squeeze the facial cleanser on the palm of your hand. After cleaning the water with a lot of fine foam, do a second cleaning. Never apply cleansing products directly to your face.

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