Customized wardrobe salesperson must have sales knowledge

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] For wardrobe sellers and consumers, a manual can not express some characteristics of the wardrobe , marketing personnel is the pioneer power of the wardrobe market, but also represents the corporate image, marketing staff Must have good quality.

Custom wardrobe

The quality that a custom closet salesperson should have:

First, physical and mental training

Since the salesperson directly contacts with the customer, only by first winning the trust of the customer can the job be successfully carried out, so the salesperson must have a good cultivation: the instrument is generous, well-dressed, dignified, courteous, docile, not humble, and makes the customer happy. Communicate with it.

Second, service knowledge

Understand the basic etiquette of reception (pay attention to the taboos of foreign guests and social knowledge about ethnic groups, religions, etc.) Carefully, conscientiously and quickly deal with documents; effective use of body language (including gestures, language, movements, etc.) to convey information is an effective way to gain trust. .

Third, the spirit

Excellent custom wardrobe marketers must have a strong professionalism, love their work, energy and courage.

1. Professional knowledge

Understand the technical knowledge related to the wardrobe; understand the home culture, the trend of the wardrobe, to understand the cultural cultivation and aesthetic taste based on the information obtained from the communication with the customer, and introduce the wardrobe in a targeted manner.

2, enterprise knowledge

It is necessary to master the historical background, business philosophy, production capacity, product structure, variety series, technical level, equipment status, service methods and development prospects of the wardrobe company. Understand the company's sales and sales network in each region.

3. Market knowledge

Understand the environmental changes in the wardrobe market and the purchasing power of customers, and conduct market analysis based on the information collected during the sales process and customer feedback.

4, user knowledge

Understand the consumer psychology of the wardrobe buyers (including potential customers), the level of consumption, and the basic requirements for the layout of their wardrobe.

5, hard work and diligence is the basic quality of the marketing staff, but also need to know the basic knowledge of the wardrobe, the conditions in this regard determine the sales ability of the salesperson, is the basis for doing a good job. Including the following aspects: wardrobe knowledge should be familiar with the production process, quality features of all wardrobes in the mall (suitable under what circumstances and conditions), specifications, production cycle, delivery time, inventory: understand how to use the wardrobe , maintenance and repair knowledge; understand the relevant situation of competitive products in this industry.

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