Things to watch out for when using a blister

1. The power must be turned off when the hand is pushed under the guide rails. There must be no accidental power-on.

2. When using the secondary mold function, do not put your hand into the molding area to touch the product being cooled, and prevent the hand from being crushed when the second mold is lowered.

3. In the heating zone, do not touch the heating device with your hands and bake the items. When the machine is stopped, raise the heating furnace.

4. When the product length is less than 800mm, the upper brake and the upper mold must be synchronized. When the machine is partially adjusted, the brake should be opened first and then the upper mold.

5. When adjusting the machine locally, if the solenoid valve is energized for debugging, it should be noted whether there will be power failure and damage.

6. When the material is fed into the knife gate by hand and the cutting position is adjusted, the knife gate should be closed. In the automatic state, the hand should not be inserted into the knife cabinet.

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Bag sets

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