Muay Thai, you must understand the top ten skills

Muay Thai is called "Moyitai" in Thai. Muay Thai, with a history of more than 500 years, has always been regarded as the most fierce and cruel sport in the world. Thai boxing has evolved in the history of ancient long-term battles. Classical Muay Thai still has a lot of artistic flower-shaped tricks. These tricks are not only wonderful, but also practical. I will translate the ten styles according to the original meaning of the Thai name and explain them to show the fans.

1. Hermit casts the lake (flying the head) This trick is a method of attacking the body in Muay Thai. Once the opponent's midline exposes the gap, the technician can jump to the ground parallel and hit the other's face with his own head. The purpose of the opponent.

Hermit casts the lake.Jpg

2. King throwing the wheel (turning the whip hammer) This is the case. When you are in a boxing time, you can use your impulse to spin over the enemy's head and face with another arm. It is a trick to find the best. The contact point is the fist back or the forearm. Part. In terms of application, this kind of hitting method is very powerful, and often the opponent is recruited without any precautions, so the knockdown ability is very high.

King of the Throwing.jpg

3. Crocodile tail (reflexive squat) "Crocodile tail" is taken from the crocodile's fierce and violent, and its tail is powerful and powerful. When you hit the slap, it is like a heavy hammer, which is very lethal. The rear swing leg can be used to unsuccessfully guard against the situation, and suddenly it is difficult to make a mistake. After the power of the legs, from the exertion of the impulse and the waist and legs to the rear, the combination becomes a sharp force, the movement of the body and the leg movement must be done in one go, the leg strokes have power.

Crocodile tail.jpg

4. The stag horn (double fly kick) is the method of leaping a foot before the first foot, or virtual or real, instantly squatting against the enemy defensive, that is, leaping and waving the other leg to kick the head. This style can also be used as a prelude to kick the leg, to lead the enemy to defend the front, and take the opportunity to kick the high leg.

Hart Yaojiao.jpg

5. The battle is like a tooth (double elbow squat) This trick is extremely dangerous elbow trick, can cause people to die, to meet the enemy with a virtual hostility, jump high volley to raise the elbow, squat its head or forehead, borrow The body falls down, the power is multiplied, and when the hair is applied, the body must be pressed down to increase the strength, and the action starts and then falls, and it is done in one go.

Battle icon, tooth.jpg

6. Going to the Dragon Gate (after elbow method) This trick is the famous anti-elbow of Muay Thai. The elbow movement is beautiful and stretched. It is an attacking technique used by the Muay Thai masters in the past. The use of the elbow is to turn around in actual combat and turn around. With this assault, if the enemy is neglected, it will be counted. Therefore, the essence of the anti-elbow technique is surprisingly successful.

Going to Longmen.jpg

7. Squid thorn (back to elbow method) When you are caught in the armpit by your opponent and lose your body balance, you can use this trick. In order to successfully use the elbow to attack the opponent, you must insert a leg between the other leg. At the same time, turned and slammed the opponent's head with his elbow.

Squid thorns.jpg

8. Sitting fiercely (low body broken horse) Dealing with opponents who like to use high-sweeping kicks, you can low-slipping and kicking their horse-step activities, so that they can't easily use their legs, and low-sweeping kicks are the blow to each other's leg beliefs. Effective leg method.

Sitting fierce.jpg

9. Hit the wooden wedge (elbow strike to kick) The experienced boxer can grasp the opportunity very well. When the opponent is attacking with the sweeping leg, the elbow block can achieve the purpose of both offense and defense. Since the elbow hardness is relatively higher than the leg, the successful use of this trick can not only effectively defend the opponent's leg attack, but even hit the opponent.

Hit the wooden wedge.jpg

10. The monkey empties (flying into the knee) to kick the opponent with a high sweep. Once the opponent leans back, he immediately turns around and slams his knee to attack the opponent's head. Experienced Muay Thai teachers have both real and false, and will not let opponents know their true purpose. A seemingly fierce attack is often a real kill.

God monkey vacated.jpg

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