Romantic garden design, Korean style, home decoration

In the bustling city, the home should be the gentlest part of everyone's heart, unloading the impetuousness and desires outside, let the heart calm down, calm down~ not too big a home, but can have its own small world, is Very happy thing.

I have drawn an approximate version of the floor plan, the size ratio is somewhat biased, huh, huh, look for the direction.

Building 61, making the surface decoration company about 45

First door

Korean pastoral style, romantic and warm feeling

The kitchen on the left hand side of the door, the small kitchen, is the place I like to stay, drumming all kinds of food, watching people enjoying it, it is my happiness~

Korean pastoral style, romantic and warm feeling

On the right hand side is the bathroom. Although there is a cloud in the home Feng Shui, the bathroom can't be on the kitchen, but the small nest is only a few square meters in the area. It is very difficult to make a curtain of the collapsed yarn. It is a solution. Oh, in fact, as long as you manage it yourself. Life, getting better and better, is the result of your own efforts~

Korean pastoral style, romantic and warm feeling

The layout of the house is very simple, small and warm one bedroom and one living room. After reading the living room kitchen, it can only be the bedroom. Oh, it’s very clear at a glance. According to the window design cabinet and small couch, the fabric has been chosen for me. Some of the tender and tender princess styles, the seeds of dreams in every girl's heart, no matter what age, as long as there is soil, they will thrive~

Korean pastoral style, romantic and warm feeling

The passageway leading to the bedroom, the room is small and there is not enough storage space. I used this aisle to make a cabinet that is standing on the ground. The wardrobe is right. The folding door on the side is a partition. It is not very wide. It is specially used for putting The most women's bags and shoes ~ Because the family is simple, the bedroom is not installed, using this turn also has a hidden effect

Korean pastoral style, romantic and warm feeling

This is the place to change shoes after entering the door, huh, huh, the place is really small, can not buy a suitable shoe cabinet, I will refer to the deer as a horse, put a bedside table, put a few pairs of slippers, huh, huh, anyway, small, and special Prepare the bedroom for the shoes and shoes, it is appropriate to suit the local conditions.

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