Sauna days furniture must be protected from moisture

With the arrival of “sauna days”, the humidity of the air has increased, and the occasional heavy rains have started. The home's moisture-proof work has to start. In addition to frequent furniture cleaning, the method used for dehumidification and moisture protection should also be considered. .

Wood furniture: turn on the air conditioning dehumidification function

If the environment is in a high humidity environment for a long time, the wood will definitely swell, and when it returns to a dry environment, the structure of the wood will change, causing cracking. Therefore, wood furniture must pay attention to moisture during the rainy season. It is recommended to turn on the dehumidification function while turning on the air conditioner in summer to make the humidity and temperature of the indoor environment relatively suitable.

Wooden furniture should be cleaned with a clean two-part wet cotton towel during daily care. It is not suitable for too wet or too dry. In addition, different methods of care can be used depending on the paint film on the surface of the furniture. For example, in solid wood furniture, the furniture used for surface finishing with wood wax oil should be waxed and maintained once after half a year or one year; and the furniture of polyurethane paint film can be wiped daily without deliberate maintenance. Relatively speaking, panel furniture is less sensitive to temperature and humidity than solid wood furniture. However, no matter whether it is plate or solid wood, the bottom that is in contact with the ground cannot have water for a long time, otherwise the parts in contact with water will expand and crack.

Cloth furniture: more cleaning and more sun

The summer weather is hot and the air humidity is high, because the people who use it are prone to sweating, and the cleaning frequency of cloth furniture needs to be higher than in winter. Especially the down sofa, which is affected by the humidity, may even have an odor due to moisture. If conditions permit, you should open the window and ventilate it from time to time.

Most cloth furniture, such as fabric sofas, can be removed and cleaned on the surface. We can choose wet or dry cleaning according to the requirements of the product. After wet washing, it must be dried in the sun. After the dry-cleaning sofa cover, it is best to blow it with a hair dryer and then put it back. If you use the hot air of the hair dryer, do not leave too close when blowing, so as not to damage the original color. The surface of some cloth furniture can not be dismantled, you can find a special cleaning company to provide on-site service. If it is difficult to remove it because it is mildewed due to moisture, it can also be cleaned by a company that cleans fabrics.

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