Wardrobe Marketing Collection: Being in love with consumers

Marketing is a man, and the brand is Gao Fushuai. Wardrobe marketing has become a process in which wardrobe companies and consumers fall in love. One of the key points of the wardrobe marketing work is to give the product vitality, turn the product into a consumer's lover, let the product establish emotional connection with the consumer, and fall in love with the brand!

Emotion is a lubricant in sales

The American marketing king Candorf once said that "98% of sales work is emotional work, and 2% is understanding of products." Today's shopping malls are not only battlefields, but also love. An excellent wardrobe marketing person, there must be a relatively good object, if the marketing person can not catch up with a favorite girl, it can not be regarded as a successful marketing person.

The commonality between love and marketing: targeting the target consumers is to determine the pursuit of goals; after targeting the target, to attract the target consumers through their own differentiated and personalized "selling points"; to integrate channel resources and use event marketing means Focus on promotion, advertising should be sold to consumers "vision", promotional means should be strong enough, in order to promote the "marriage" between consumers and products; after "marriage" can not be neglected, after-sales service to make consumers satisfied, to Use added value to make consumers loyal. Emotion is a lubricant in the sales process, and it is an indispensable "rose" to strengthen customer relationships. Emotion is more likely to win the "heart" of consumers than rational itself.

The wardrobe brand is Gao Fushuai

Traditional marketing is like a matchmaker, and it’s hard to say how hard it is, but the results are often unsatisfactory. If it is not successful, all efforts will be paid; even if it succeeds, the following things are still unknown: if you make a friend, you may not get married, and you will not be divorced after marriage; you may not have purchased your product and purchased your product. It is difficult to protect the next time. Therefore, Chinese wardrobe enterprises need not only "matchmakers", but we also look forward to the emergence of "Cupid"!

Postscript, the brand is like "Cupid", he can talk, discharge, and exude the irresistible appeal of consumers. Brands are not like marketing. They are not a market tool, but they have the skills to strategize; it does not have a variety of dresses, but it has the charm that consumers can't put it down; it has never practiced 18 martial arts, but it has discouraged competitors. The power.

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