6 small cool rattan chairs are cool and comfortable in summer night

Wicker chair recommendation one: bird nest rattan hanging basket

Reference price: 480-550 yuan

Product specifications: hanging basket 125 * 102 * 76cm

Product color: light yellow, black, white, brown, etc.

Product material: environmental protection PE rattan + crack anti-rust paint thickened iron pipe + solid iron chain

Editor's comment: This rattan hanging basket uses imported Indonesian rattan. It is very full and well-proportioned. It is thick and strong. The rattan has a firm texture and strong toughness. In addition to poor thermal conductivity, it is cool in winter and warm in summer. The creative and stylish design makes this chair itself a decorative artwork, which can be placed in the living room or on the balcony for relaxation.

Wicker chair recommendation 2: rattan double sofa

Reference price: 370 ~ 390 yuan

Product specifications: total length 138cm, width 65cm, seat height 30cm, backrest height 48cm, seat width 46cm, seat length 100cm

Product color: orange, coffee, original white, pure white, jazz black

Editor's comment: This round and lovely double sofa is comfortable and cool, and is a good choice for summer. You can drink coffee in the living room or in the lounge. In addition, it can be colored in brown, red, green, pure white, rose red, etc. to meet the different needs of consumers.

Wicker chair recommendation three: European rattan leisure sofa

Reference price: 357 yuan

Product specifications: sitting surface width 60cm, depth 65cm, sitting height 40cm

Material: PE rattan + all-iron bracket adopts thickened tube, PE hand-woven rattan

Editor's comment: The material of this rattan chair is woven rattan, which is composed of PE, PVC, PP. The rattan furniture of these materials is very flexible, the color stability is very good, the color can be maintained for a long time, and the mesh is special for outdoor furniture. Made from high-quality materials, Indonesian true vines are made from natural vines imported from Indonesia. The product will not be moldy, easy to clean, environmentally friendly and UV resistant.

Wicker Chair Recommendation Four: Indoor Swing Chair

Reference price: 439 yuan

Product specifications: 76 * 60 * 128cm, standard bracket: 95 * 195cm

Product color: dense sugar, tri-color, brown

Product material: imported Indonesian rattan + cracked paint iron pipe rack

Editor's comment: This rattan hanging basket uses natural thick rattan skeleton, completely natural primary color rattan preparation, after varnish painting, the finished color is light honey color, environmentally friendly fashion, comfortable and romantic, it is a good choice for low-carbon environmental protection family.

Wicker chair recommendation five: balcony easy chair

Reference price: 130 yuan

Package weight: 8KG

Dimensions: length 150cm, width 68cm, height 78cm

Load-bearing: 150KG

Editor's comment: Does this sun lounger sound comfortable? The chair is hand-woven with high imitation rattan (the material is pvc), which has been preserved and sterilized without other special maintenance. The bracket part is an iron bracket, and the surface of the electronic spray metal paint is shiny, anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

Wicker Chair Recommendation 6: Rattan Radar Chair / Sun Chair

Reference price: 388 yuan ~ 488 yuan

Products include: sun loungers, footrests, large cushions

Product size: seat plate diameter 120, chassis upper mouth diameter 65, lower mouth diameter 72, height 54, footstool 55 * 54 * 45cm

Editor's comment: Does this chair with a sense of design attract your attention, simple and comfortable, suitable for a variety of home improvement styles, and can be placed in different seats at home. While enjoying the comfort, it also adds a lot of fashion sense to your home.


Tips for the maintenance of rattan products

(1) The surface and gaps of rattan products are easy to accumulate dust, which can be cleaned with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner.

(2) The surface of rattan products becomes dirty, and can be scrubbed with a soft damp cloth dipped in salt water.

(3) The rattan fading and yellowing, don't let the rattan furniture directly expose to the sun.

(4) The rattan will start to loosen. Wet the rattan first, then fix it with pliers, and apply strong adhesive.

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