Perfect combination of function and appearance of conditioner bottle

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The perfect combination of function and appearance of the conditioner bottle has become a symbol of the high-end brand


Godrej ConsumerProducts Ltd.; Classy Kontainers - India

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Godrej has teamed up with India's high-end salon chain BBLUNT to develop basic hair care product lines. The BBLUNT conditioner has a high viscosity and provides excellent product performance but is difficult to remove in conventional polymer bottles. Therefore, the company chose the polyethylene copolymer with the lowest modulus to make bottles so that the contents can be easily extruded even when the bottle body is very thick. However, this polyethylene copolymer makes the surface of the bottle tarnish and easy to scratch.

Godrej found that the film layer made of DuPontTM Sarin® resin has excellent surface gloss, scratch resistance, and excellent feel. It is very difficult to process the two polymers without using an adhesive layer, because the difference in the rheological properties of the material makes the thickness of the bottle uneven, resulting in sagging of the parison and resulting in improper blowing. Therefore, the company and Classy Kontainers have conducted a large number of tests to stabilize the process and produce consistent products.

BBLUNT Conditioner Bottles embody the essence of BBLUNT's high-end brand with its eye-catching shape and eye-catching brilliance.

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