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My dear, you came casually, but deep into my heart. do you know? A summer's opportunity is not as good as you, and Xiaoku wants to tell you affectionately: Why should life be like the first time, but seeking to meet with each other will not be bothered, Xiaoku will always treat you like a first love. Now, Xiao Ku brings you to see our world! Bring you cool equipment cool!

☞ 趴 趴 趴 趴 趴 趴 趴 趴 趴 趴 趴 趴 趴 趴 趴 趴 来 来 来 来 来 来 来 来 来 来 来 来 来 来! ※ Play Square: Whether it is the gold medal leader in the circle or the new donkey, they are all here! Sun equipment, drying course, sun beauty map, sun sister paper, you want all here! Http://zhuangbeiku.com/square

※ collar equipment: buy equipment, but also money! Don't tease it out, come to outfit cool free collar. Click on free test. One point, so easy~ http://zhuangbeiku.com/review/products/ ※See information: The latest and hottest equipment reports at home and abroad are offered to you for the first time everyday! The novelty, fun outdoor gadgets are all here. Http://zhuangbeiku.com/?blog_category=1 ※Shai evaluation: equipped with cool gold medal evaluation team, senior outdoor media reporters, product testers, equipment experts, professional advisors, this group of cows are chanting this ~ field text, Live pictures and exclusive video, new evaluation methods cool your eye! Http://zhuangbeiku.com/?blog_category=3 ※Seek out discounts: The most awesome activities in daily stores, brands' websites, and e-commerce platforms are the best! Where is the most worth buying, strolling every day, do not buy are lost! Http://zhuangbeiku.com/?blog_category=2 Not enough? ! The most complete equipment information library waiting for you to Tucao! Global brands, whether large or small, have been used to comment on them. No one here can check the water meter and say what they want to say! Do not spit! Second 趴: How do the rules come? First of all, Xiaokuo wants to tell you that the role of points is very big, points for equipment, points are also an important condition for free testing! Points to win the square star, more bears, donkeys, etc. you take! Second, the rules of integration are like this! ● Daily sign bonus rules: Only one sign per day, points are 20 points/day. When consecutive sign-in time is greater than 7 days, points become 25 points/day. When consecutive sign-in time is greater than 30 days, points become 30 points/day. Continuous sign-in time More than 100 days, the score becomes 40 points/day. When the consecutive check-in time is greater than 365 days, the score becomes 50 points/day. ● The daily behavior of reward rules: Post a post: 10 points/article (maximum 100 points per day) Post a comment :3points/articles (up to 90 points per day) Posts liked: 1point / list (30 points per day max) Posted in Equipment Reviews: 1 Points / Article (Maximum 50 points per day) Posted Reply positive responder: 2 points/article (up to 50 points per day) Successful sharing of information to third-party platforms: 5 points/time (maximum of 50 points per day) Equipment cool to tell you responsibly Like the sea, boring is a passerby. Cool equipment, you can't stop playing! Everything we do is to make the outdoors simpler and more fun! You can find us here: Sina Weibo: @Equipment Cool WeChat Public Platform: Equipment Cool (zhuangbeiku)

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