Peach pillar fence basic knowledge

Peach-shaped column nets are made of peach-shaped pillars that are popular among the public. Their shape is a regular semi-oval shape, similar to a peach shape, and is also called a peach-type pillar. The peach-shaped pillar fence is a new type of product. This kind of fence fence is beautiful in appearance and easy to install. The grid structure is concise and easy to transport. The installation is not limited by terrain and terrain. Mesh V-folding strengthens the pressure groove, which effectively increases the overall strength of the mesh, and strengthens the bending with higher hardness and meets the aesthetic requirements of the public.


Peach column net bar features: by bending guardrail mesh and peach column connection. Strong decoration, beautiful appearance, strong security.

A. Mesh material and specifications:

Material: high-quality low-carbon steel wire, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire.

Height: 1500-2500mm;

Width: 1500-3000mm;

Silk: 3-6mm;

Aperture: 5*20mm, 7*15mm, 7*30mm (can also be customized);

B. Peach shaped material and specifications:

The thickness of the peach-shaped pillar plate is 1-1.2mm, and it is cold-pressed and cold-formed by the machine. The outer side of the cylinder is elliptical. After the two inner plates are connected, they are each bent outward to form a U-shape, which is the hook portion. In order to facilitate the connection between the peach column and the mesh, the inner side of the column is arranged according to the mesh size of the mesh, and the length of the column is evenly arranged. The N groups of hook gaps are distributed on both sides of the column. The outside and the outside of the hook U are oval. The straight edges of the cylinders are tangent to each other, effectively preventing them from being opened and ensuring the safety performance of the guard rails against flooding.

C. Advantages of peach column guardrail:

1. High strength, good overall stability.

2. Color plastic layer has a good anti-corrosion and decorative effect.

3. The net perimeter is harmonious and beautiful.

4. Security: Inserting the mesh into a pre-designed groove at any height of the column is an integral part of the fence committee.

5. Easy to install: Fast-push mounting without any accessories for all types.

D. The correct installation method:

First fix the first column and then attach the mesh to the column, followed by the second column. After fixing, fix the second column. Then hook up the second mesh and the third column. Tighten the mesh and fix the third column. And so on, a set of installation can be. In this way, the installation is firm and does not damage the mesh surface, and the safety and practicality are more stringent in requirements.

E. Production process:

Pre-wire, cutting, pre-bending, welding, inspection, frame, destructive experiment, beautification (PE, PVC, hot dip), packaging, storage.


Compared with the traditional isolation fence, the Peach column fence has a large footprint, while the Peach column fence saves 68% of the floor area compared to the traditional fence, which improves the space utilization. The traditional fences are easy to remove paint and rust. They need to be maintained once a year, and the maintenance cost is higher in the later period. The peach column nets are not required, which greatly saves the cost of the later maintenance.

Peach type column nets Uses: Mainly divided into three types of city parks, community lawns, hotels, wholesale markets, supermarket shelves, handicrafts and other decorative networks; building buildings, roads and other construction networks; high-end villas, airports, prisons, public places, landscapes Isolation and protection of tourist areas.

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