Anhui Printing Industry Coping with Difficulties

As we all know, the printing industry is currently in a sluggish state due to excess capacity and low national economy. From the perspective of Anhui Province, in 2014, a number of printing companies stopped production and closed down, some manufacturers reduced production and layoffs, more units significantly slowed the pace of technological transformation, and a small number of companies were pessimistic about the future. In the first half of this year, this situation continued to increase.

Where does Anhui Printing go? The author mentions four immature opinions for your reference.

Build confidence and see the essence of bright printing is the reproduction and beautification of various life objects. Regardless of how the society will change in the future, the objective world will need to be dressed by printing every day. The faster society progresses, the higher is the demand for printing, rather than the rejection of printing. Internet, electronic technology and smart phones can replace newspapers and periodicals, but they cannot replace paper packaging and plastic packaging, and they cannot create giant images. The printing function can only be unique to printing. The current slump in the printing industry does not mean that the future will always be low. With the reasonable adjustment of the relationship between supply and demand, the weakness of the printing market will gradually be lifted, and the nature of the printing industry will not change over the long-term. Comrade Mao Zedong had a famous saying: "When our comrades are in difficulty, they must see achievements, see the light, and must increase our confidence and courage." The printing industry now needs to arm itself with this kind of thinking. Practice has proved that confidence is more precious than gold.

Optimize equipment, reduce staffing and increase efficiency. Labor costs have increased rapidly, labor is expensive, and people’s management has also become more difficult than before. Pipeline managers are not as good as management equipment. The high and low level of technical equipment has increasingly exerted a tremendous influence on the goodness and poorness of printing capacity and quality. As far as prepress is concerned, the process-free printing plate has already been published, and it can completely replace the traditional flushing plate that is time consuming and polluting, becoming another trend in the printing industry. As early as in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States period, Confucius said to his disciples, "If a worker wants to do good, he must first sharpen his tools." Now that science and technology are the first productive forces, it is more important to master advanced technology and equipment. Printing companies need to upgrade their equipment and continuously improve the degree of automation. Turn the original few people into a single person, greatly reduce the cost of labor, reduce the number of first-line operators, but at the same time improve their welfare, so that enterprises In a lean, stable, and efficient operating state, the “human tactics” that have been used for many years are sent to the history museum. Anhui Antai New Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. has an annual production value of 600 million yuan, but it can produce less than 200 workers on the line, relying on a full set of highly automated equipment support at home and abroad.

Transformation methods, transformation and upgrading Now human society has entered the era of information, digital and Internet. In particular, the emergence of the mobile Internet has reduced the world, accelerated its speed, and completely changed the pace of society. The objective world has changed, and our subjective world must also change. Premier Li Keqiang clearly stated in the "Government Work Report" that the "Internet +" plan has given directions to all walks of life in the country. Internet + what? It is to increase the business of various industries. For our industry, it is the demand for “internet + printing”. We must use the combination of Internet technology and printing technology to liberate printing from all kinds of traditional work methods and realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Taking print material procurement as an example, on April 8th, Qufeng Network was established in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. It is an e-commerce platform that drastically changes the way traditional printing materials are purchased. Through vertical operations, many procedures are eliminated and the final one-kilometer delivery is completed. , To provide the printing factory with the shortest time, the lowest price, the most complete variety, the best quality of the supply services, printing materials supply situation will appear as Alibaba impact physical store like the enormous changes. As this way reflects the development trend of the era, only three months, the wind network has been established in more than 80 substations throughout the country, including Anhui Hefei station. Fengfeng Hefei Station has realized sales revenue of more than 300,000 yuan, all of which are purchased by Dachang. This incident tells us that the trend of the times is irresistible. We must follow the trend, and we must not buck the trend. We must apply the latest technologies such as the Internet and cloud computing to all aspects of printing to promote the rapid transformation of production and operations.

The two managements, energy conservation and consumption reduction management are the eternal themes of printing companies, and standardized management and refined management are the core contents of management. The so-called standardization management means that all the behaviors of the company must have standards rather than behaving head-to-head. The whole process of formulating and implementing enterprise standards can be summarized in three sentences: writing what you want to do, what you write, and what you do. The so-called fine management means that the company's style of work must pay attention to details, start small, keep improving, strictly implement process control, not let off any clues. If a printing company can do a good job in the two aspects of management, energy saving and consumption reduction will not be a problem, and the quality of economic operation will be greatly improved. Handan Jixin Color Printing Co., Ltd. is now in the process of production, and it has been well aware of the consumption of every person, every sheet of paper, every kWh of electricity, and every ton of water. It can control the quantity, so it can save costs and accelerate the formation of accumulation. Valuable funds for technological transformation.

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