NDC Launches a Multifunctional Test Equipment

US NDC Infrared Technologies was founded in 1966 and is currently the world's leading online testing and control equipment company and infrared technology application company. NDC specializes in the research and manufacture of plastic packaging materials (cast co-extruded film, biaxially stretched, PVC calendered, sheet, tube, blown film, etc.), coating (adhesive tape, sandpaper/abrasive cloth and special coating/coating , Such as tape / video tape, film / film, composite, etc.), rubber tires, non-woven fabrics, paper, tobacco, food and other industries online thickness / coating amount / quantitative / moisture measurement and control equipment. NDC has a full range of sensors, including gamma, beta, infrared, X-ray, laser and microwave technologies. There are more than 33,000 sets of equipment in operation worldwide, and about 2,100 sets of various types of detection systems in the Chinese market. The TFG-710 ultrathin film thickness gauge and FG-710 film/sheet thickness gage that were highlighted at the exhibition used the near-infrared “effective full-spectrum pre-correction” global patented technology to detect biaxial stretching. The lateral thickness distribution of films, cast films, and multilayer co-extruded films/sheets allows one sensor to simultaneously measure the total thickness and thickness of barrier layers (EVOH, PA, PVDC, etc.) with extremely high accuracy and resolution. It is not affected by environmental conditions and is 100% non-radioactive. It completely solves the environmental pollution, human hazards, daily use and maintenance costs caused by radioactive problems.

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