Bag-making and packaging machine that can quickly adjust bag length

The patent name of the bag-making and packaging machine that can quickly adjust the length of the bag holder Patent applicant Applicant Lian Bizhuan Applicant Address No.1, No.81, Dongxin Street 4 Lane, Qigao District, Keelung City, Taiwan Inventor Lian Bi-Chan Application (Patent) No. 200420059564.4 Application Date 2004.05.19 Certification date Auditing announcement number 2714302 Auditing announcement date 2005.08.03 Manual CD-ROM number D0531 Main classification number B31B1/02 Classification number B31B1/02 Division Original application number Priority item Abstract This invention provides a bag that can be quickly adjusted The long bag making and packaging machine mainly aims at optimizing the design of the intercepting bag length mechanism of the automatic metering and filling and bag making and packaging machine. The long intercepting mechanism of the bag is an adjustable driving wheel, a belt and an adjustable passive drive. Constituted by the wheel; In addition, located outside the gear tooth set is additionally provided with a set of encoders capable of monitoring the rotational speed and the circumferential time of the gear tooth set. By adopting the structure to obtain the intercepting bag length mechanism under the coordinate value display mode, the bag length adjustment and the error zeroing manipulation can be performed directly with the control button, so as to achieve the purpose of intercepting the bags with different capacities, and to break through the known bag-making packaging machine. The replacement of different gear group diameters (different gear diameters directly related to the length of the bag) will make it difficult for the average operator to achieve, and it will also result in a large amount of man-hours and operating costs. Sovereignty item 1. A bag making and packaging machine capable of quickly adjusting a bag length, characterized in that: the bag long cutting mechanism is composed of an adjustable active driving wheel, a belt, and an adjustable passive driving wheel; The outside of the gear tooth set is also provided with a set of decoders capable of monitoring the rotational speed and the circumferential time of the gear tooth set. International Application International Publication Entering Country Date Patent Agency Beijing Shenxiang Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Zhou Chunfa

Bar Towel could use for Beer , Salon , Bar .

And Bar Towel is normally made of 100%cotton .

Personalized Bar Towels , Black Bar Towels , White Bar Towels , Cheap Pub Bar Towels

Personalized Bar Towel we could make based on your design , artwork and color 

Black Bar Towel is made of 100%cotton , Solid Black Color , 

Material : 100%Fresh Cotton

Size : 20*50cm

Weight : 500GSM more or less is workable .

Color : normally customer would like choose two color for art weave logo 

Feature For Black Bar Towel 

1)embossed logo for promotion

2)exquisite jacquard skills

3)famous in gym and bar, beach

4)high durability with double terry loops 

5)protect human skin 

6)beautiful front with mirror effect on the back

7)clear and soft touch logo images

Our Strengths

Yarn dyed cotton Bar Jacquard towels with custom logo

1)professional towel specialist on Towel production,sourcing and promotion

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Our factory has 150 workers and we have different workshop for making towels,bathrobes,slippers and Bed Sets .

Bar Towel

Personalized Bar Towels,Black Bar Towels,White Bar Towels,Cheap Pub Bar Towels

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