Research on Operational Model of Green Supply Chain (2)

3.3 The payment link of the green supply chain

The payment link of the green supply chain is actually a delivery process. It consists of two parts: the process from the core company (manufacturer) to the distributor or retailer; the second is from the distributor or retailer to the consumer. the process of.

3.3.1 The process from the core company (manufacturer) to the distributor or retailer. The process from the core company (manufacturer) to distributors or retailers consists of six elements: the transport of substances, the movement of goods in space, the storage of time movements, circulation processing, packaging, handling, and information. Based on the above analysis of non-green factors, the following strategies are proposed to reduce non-green factors.

  1 运输 transport strategy. Use green cars; reduce the total amount of traffic through the conversion of transportation methods; use green channels to reduce the amount of pollutants discharged from vehicles.

     开展 开展 开展 开展 开展 开展 开展 2 开展 开展 开展 开展 开展 开展 开展 开展                                                                   

î—¤3. Simplify the supply and distribution system, reduce the number of vehicle operations and improve distribution efficiency through the effective use of vehicles.

     建设                      4 建设 建设 建设 建设 建设

   关注 关注 focus on the rational choice of logistics brokers. The green ability and reputation of the middlemen are very important for the successful implementation of the company's green supply chain. Therefore, companies should strictly select their own green supply chain to enhance their green image.

3.3.2 The process from distributors or retailers to consumers. The concept of green marketing should be integrated into the process from distributors or retailers to consumers. Green Marketing refers to the process of planning and implementing concepts, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products and services that realize the company's own interests, consumer needs, and environmental interests.

(1) Green marketing channels.

Complete green marketing should be based on the traditional channels of innovation, the formation of green channels. The green channel model can be divided into:

Direct channels. The direct marketing approach enables consumers and manufacturers to directly contact and ensure the quality of green products as much as possible.

Indirect channels. Indirect channels mean that products are sold to consumers via intermediaries. Green middlemen mainly include green shops and green counters.

· Backward channels. After the enterprise application reverse channel discount recovery of the company's previous old products and recycling packaging, further transformation work, increase the added value and comprehensive use, tap the potential performance of the product, and extend the service life of the product.

(2) Implementation of Green Marketing

. In the implementation of green marketing in the green supply chain, the overall requirement is to attach importance to environmental protection throughout the entire marketing process and at all levels and implement green awareness. Specifically, we must do the following:

· Establish a green marketing concept.

Accurately collect green information. To analyze the characteristics and status of the company's own operations, collect information such as green markets and green technologies, and correctly select target markets and market positioning of green products.

· Research and development and production of green products. Green products are the foundation and key to green marketing. The development and production of green products integrates the green concept systematically into product development and product production processes.

· Reasonably set green prices. Because green products are more expensive than similar products, R&D is difficult, and production and sales processes are demanding. Under the premise that the principle of “environmental consumption payment” and “polluter pays” are widely recognized by the government and the public, the price of green products is generally lower than The price of similar generic products is higher. Moreover, the price of green products belongs to high-grade products, and the sensitivity of demand to prices is lower than that of similar products of the same kind, and higher prices can obtain high profits.

3.4 Green Supply Chain Recycling

The recycling logistics in the green supply chain includes return logistics and reverse logistics. This article focuses on reverse recovery logistics. The logistics mainly includes the following links:

î—¤ î—¥ 1 recycling. Recycling is the return of the waste held by the end customer or downstream business in the production and sales process to the seller through paid or unpaid means. The sellers here may be all node companies in the supply chain. For example, the waste from customers may be returned to upstream suppliers or manufacturers, or downstream distributors, distributors, or retailers.

î—¤ 2 inspection and processing decisions. This link is to test and analyze the function of recycled products, and to determine a feasible treatment scheme according to the characteristics of the product structure and the performance of the product and each component. Including direct re-sales, sales after re-processing, re-use of parts after demolition and scrapped products or parts. Then the cost-benefit analysis of the program to determine the optimal program.

î—¤ 3 split. According to the characteristics of the product structure, the product is split into parts.

  4 再 reprocessing. Processed and recycled parts and components to recover their value.

î—¤ î—¥ î—¥ 5 disposal. For those recyclables or parts that have no economic value or are seriously harmful to the environment, mechanical treatment is used to treat the environment in a manner free of pollution or pollution.

4 Conclusion

Based on the SCOR model, this paper puts forward the operation model of the green supply chain and analyzes the model's procedures in detail, namely, the procurement of green supply chain, the manufacturing of green supply chain, and the green supply chain. The payment link and the recycling phase of the green supply chain provide some new ideas and methods for green supply chain management from theory to practice.

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