Cultural Interpretation of World Famous Logo Design (II)

Mercedes cars

This picture shows the history of the Mercedes logo. In 1902, the Mercedes vehicle was registered. The name came from the name of the daughter of the company’s founder, Old Daimler. However, there was no concept of a modern logo or registered trademark at that time. So the two old sons of Daimler, Paul and Adolf, decided to design a trademark. They remembered a family story: When his father was working hard, he frequently traveled and often wrote to his mother. One of the letters painted a star at the end with interest. Old Daimler said to his wife that the star that symbolizes "Good Luck" will one day rise from our company. So, the two brothers got the inspiration for creating the logo element from the stars on the letter paper: In 1909, the first pattern - the "Lucky Star" of Sanmang finally gave the logo registered as a car. With the passage of time, the star design gave way to a new idea surrounded by the Roman Laurel Wreath. Then, in the 1920s, the garland was replaced by a circled triangulation logo. The final hammering was still present. In use of the big star around the circle.

Harvard University

Harvard University was founded in 1636 and was known as Harvard College for a long time after its establishment in order to cultivate Christian missionaries. The school motto is based entirely on the content of the Bible. The school motto promulgated by the school in 1692 was a Latin word meaning "loyal to Christ and the church." If you look closely, readers will find the mystery revealed in the logo: the word Veritas is divided into three sections by Ve-ri-tas. The top two books are on the front. Turned over, and the book underneath was down, with the spine facing up. What is the slightest meaning in this?

It turned out that this kind of artistic concept not only visualized the ancient teaching of "the bounds of life and art", but also implied the philosophy of Christianity: the reason is limited, and God's revelation is necessary. This training is engraved on the walls of many buildings at Harvard. It is for the Harvard to never forget.

(to be continued)


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