Zhenxiong Group develops JM220 Capmaster a 32-speed high-speed cap special machine

The Chenxiong Group is one of the few systems suppliers in the world that has been able to manufacture a complete set of injection molding machines, special molds, robots, and conveyor belts so far. It has also demonstrated a wide range of product and system solutions. The CHEN-PET system is a full-range solution for the two-step preform injection system developed by Zhenxiong Group. The CHEN-PET system has 8 to 56 cavity cavities to choose from. It can produce 1,800 to 12,500 preforms per hour. Operating 20-24 hours. With this system, Zhenxiong Group also specially developed the JM220 Capmaster, a 32-speed high-speed cap production special machine, and used it as the latest injection molding machine to enter the beverage market. In addition, Zhenxiong Group also demonstrated JM170 MKIV (high-precision and thin-walled injection molding products), high-speed toggle injection molding machine SM-90TS, V series proportional variable pump system CJ180M3V injection molding system MJIV series high-speed precision injection molding machine. And iChen System workshop network management system.

Information Source: Packaging and Latitude

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