Krones Diajet Washer Diagonal Box Cleaning

The Krones Dia Jet box washing machine uses a diagonal, corner-corner box transport to ensure perfect cleaning results.

The high degree of production safety and the best cleaning results are the objectives of the newly developed Krones package washing machine Dia Jet. The Dia Jet washing machine uses a brand-new concept of box conveying, ie diagonal conveying, on the job.

"Shower Replacement Bath": Farewell to Immersion Washer

In terms of designing box washing machines, Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, took a completely new path and completely bid farewell to the working principle of the immersive bath washing machine. A series of exhausting experiments proved that immersion cleaning itself does not have a significant cleaning effect. Its role is only the softening of the dirt. Because the purpose of pushing the box forward is usually to use a bath-type water flow during cleaning, a relative speed cannot be formed between the liquid and the box, and the mechanical cleaning effect cannot be obtained naturally.

According to the principle of "bath shower over bath", Krones replaced the immersive bath with super-waves, thus combining the functions of mechanical cleaning and softening.

Diagonal transport avoids the formation of spray corners

Another major change in box cleaning that is different from tradition is the machine-to-box transport. In the traditional package washing machine, the transportation of the square box is carried out directly and indirectly. This means that at the time of spraying with the nozzles, there are always two sides that cannot be sprayed between the forward and backward connected boxes at each time, so-called spray dead angles.

In contrast, Dia Jet uses corners instead of side-by-side when transporting boxes. Therefore, all surfaces of the box can accept jobs for each process step without restriction. This comprehensive and reliable box cleaning guarantees high quality and efficient cleaning results. When the machine is assembled, it also saves some space.

With extra nozzles and a particularly open bottom entry, the interior of the box and the partition can be very thoroughly cleaned.

Source: Krones AG

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