Rommelag launches bottelpack® blow-filling-sealing technology and equipment

The bottelpack® “blow-fill-seal” (BFS) technology and equipment from Rommelag in Germany has a leading position in the pharmaceutical packaging industry with customers all over the world. An important feature of the “blow-fill-seal” triad process is that the hot-extruded PE or PP billet is immediately filled with aseptic liquid after it is molded by a water-cooled blow mold. After that, the container is sealed. These three processes are done under aseptic conditions in the same machine. The production process is absolutely hygienic, providing the greatest guarantee for the reliability and safety of pharmaceuticals.

Bottelpack®'s BFS process is: extrusion, plastic extrusion of a plastic tube into an open blow mold and cutting; The special mandrel device adopts compressed air or vacuum method to form the cavity into the required container; filling, the product to be filled controlled by the quantitative metering system is accurately filled into the container through a special mandrel system After sealing and filling, the mandrel device leaves the mold cavity, the head mold closes, and the mold cavity is sealed with vacuum.

This process has the characteristics of flexible design, head mold integration, in-mold coding, etc.; no chemical reaction to the liquid being filled. In order to meet different needs, there are many different series of equipment for various types of bottles and ampoules, including single-mode, dual-mode, 15-station rotary molds. The output rate depends on the shape and weight of the container, the characteristics of the filling liquid, the type of plastic, etc.; the main models include: 321, 360, 3012M, 321M, 360M, 4010M, etc.; suitable for large volume injection LVP, small volume injection SVP , Eye, ear, nose care products, respiratory care products, other pharmaceutical products, industrial products and food and other fields.

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