Daily maintenance of four-sided planer

China is a big country in the production of wood flooring. The use of four-sided planers is also very large. However, the daily maintenance of such equipment is not clear to all users, and many problems have arisen since many four-sided planers have not exceeded the service life.

In the sales and maintenance of the four-sided planer, the author puts forward the following opinions on the daily maintenance work of the four-sided planer:

1 The gear oil in the gearbox of the new machine should be replaced after one month of normal use, and the amount of oil can be added near the oil mirror. Every time I change the oil, I work in the machine for about 2,000 hours. The amount of oil exchanged is No. 90 or other common gear oil.

2 Feeding universal joints are lubricated once a month. The moving parts such as the carriage and the blade shaft beam lifting and lowering are added with oil every week to lubricate and prevent rust.

3 Every day before work, you should clean the wood chips under the bed and the bed. The flat belt and the shifting belt should be cleaned and prevented from slipping and burning. Some ultra-wide, deformed materials are processed first and then into the four-sided planing process.

4 Conditional manufacturers can divide the production of four-sided light board and finished board into two machines, so as not to affect the accuracy. In addition, when producing a four-sided light panel, the trimming knife is preferably 0.1 mm higher than the rear small grid, which reduces the wear of the small grid.

5 When the new machine is commissioned or shifted, the machine should be adjusted to the level.

6 The pressure of the four-sided planer is about 0.3 to 0.4Mpa. It should not be too big or too small. The cylinder should be lowered as much as possible to increase the range of motion.

The above may not be very detailed, but I hope that I can give a lot of inspiration to the manufacturers who use the four-sided planer, so that they can better use their four-sided planer to make it more effective.

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