Furniture purchase focuses on nine details to decorate the beautiful home

Nowadays, the styles and materials of furniture can be described as various, and the good looks are not necessarily durable. To choose good and high quality furniture, you need to pay attention to 9 small details.

Silver family of furniture

Metal parts are widely used in furniture. Rails or hinges can be easily identified by brand, but many metal parts are found in handles, legs, and even the entire frame. Therefore, different metal parts and processes have great differences in the cost and quality of furniture. But fundamentally, the substrates used for furniture metal parts are divided into stainless steel, aluminum alloy and cast iron from expensive to cheap. Just because cast iron is easy to rust and somewhat rough, it is necessary to surface treatment of cast iron, so there are various processes, such as electrostatic painting, plastic spraying, nickel plating, chrome plating, imitation gold plating and so on. The same is the case of cast iron fittings whose quality depends on the flatness of the base material and the painting process. Stainless steel and aluminum alloys can be very smooth by surface treatment such as polishing, drawing or oxidation.

Casual design? Or the quality of the shape?

The design of the slack sofa is only on the seat surface, and the rest of the body, such as the backrest and the armrest, has an appropriate amount of slack. This is to adapt to the softer filling, which can be caught not only when sitting, but also easily rebounded when starting, and does not collapse when used all the year round. So if you see the slack in the base, side, back, etc. of the sofa, even if the stitches and corners do not match, you can generally judge the quality problem.

Leather cloth combined sofa

The leather sofa combined with the leather sofa is not a fabric sofa with a leather bag, but the various aspects of the sofa fully reflect the beauty of the leather and cloth, is a special sofa soft bag. Because a leather-bonded sofa will involve 12 kinds of leather and 24 kinds of cloth, and the cloth involved is often thick fabric such as imitation leather, flannel, wool, etc., so a combination of leather and sofa has been shaped accordingly. the design of.

What is custom furniture?

In foreign countries, furniture customization is very mature as a service niche; in the country, furniture customization is beginning to emerge, but there are a large number of workshop furniture with furniture customized services, it seems to be able to do all the furniture you specify. In fact, the real furniture customization is not all done, but for the quality of the custom, often with a specific style and a specific material paint color, because each style has a scrutinized size and process support, if left out available The styles chosen will be more tailored and contain more design ingredients. The realization of furniture customization requires not only a lot of special materials, but also materials that are not common in the general market, and it needs a lot of craftsmanship, and is good at the workshops of different processing. And the original intention of furniture customization is to seek personality, not cheap.

How is wood color formed?

If you let the wood see the natural color, maybe you will be disappointed, because those with pale or dull natural colors make it hard to imagine all the wooden furniture from them. However, the treatment of the wood surface provides various lacquering effects, so that the limited wood species exhibit different wood color and luster. Gorgeous wood is generally closed paint, wooden pores are closed by paint, and the gloss is divided into several grades; modern wood is generally open, you can see clear wooden pores. In addition, different coloring techniques and color controls reflect the technology of each factory. If you also use oak veneer as an example, oak veneer is generally only open, among which light oak, coffee oak and black oak are common, but lavender oak is somewhat purple, gray oak is yellowish green. These special colors have been developed through repeated color testing.

Wood species is not the only standard for measuring wood quality

Choosing wooden furniture, many people love to ask what kind of wood? In fact, in addition to the high-cost precious wood species or exotic wood, there are so many types of wood used in furniture manufacturing: often used such as oak, eucalyptus, walnut; not often used Such as maple or ebony, but these often appear as veneer and solid wood parts. The wood used for the outer frame is high-grade with eucalyptus or eucalyptus, with eucalyptus and eucalyptus down, and low-end cedar, pine, etc.; and the inner frame is mostly artificial. So if you want to identify the quality of wood, from the perspective of wood species, unless you have a special wood species, you often get the same answer. However, the true quality of wood is often not just wood. For example, it is also oak veneer. 0.6mm thick is much more advanced than 0.2mm thick; or evenly distributed straight is better than twill or even messy; The skin is more detailed than the whole piece of leather, etc. These are the details hidden in the simple term of oak veneer.

How good is the piano paint?

If we use light to measure people, piano paint is the best, its biggest feature is the mirror effect, and the surface is smooth and even, the reflection is not distorted, because it is the process applied in the piano making, so The name is also noble. However, any paint has its advantages and disadvantages, and no one is better than anyone. Piano paint belongs to unsaturated polyester PE high gloss paint, high gloss, good gloss and color retention performance, more environmentally friendly, but the cost is relatively high, scratches and fingerprints are also obvious. Moreover, the process of piano lacquer can not take out the thick and clear paint surface, so PE paint has different painting processes to achieve different feelings. But this does not prevent us from enjoying piano paint, but some products use other high-gloss paints to impersonate piano paint, but far from the thickness and feel of the paint of piano paint.

Fabric sofa learning

Good fabrics are just as expensive. Good skins need to be determined by natural environment, captivity and tanning. But good fabrics contain more ingenuity, good design, dyeing, weaving, etc., and fabrics. Choose from a choice that is much larger than the skin, from cotton, hemp, wool, cashmere, silk, to a variety of synthetic materials, flowers and colors. Choose a leather sofa to identify the quality and the selected color. Choosing a fabric sofa requires understanding the fabric, grasping the actual size, and matching the colors and so on.

Natural stone and artificial stone have their own merits

Many people think that natural stone is more expensive than artificial stone, which is a misunderstanding. The precious stone of natural stone is determined by size and color, but natural stone also has defects, such as size limitation, uncontrollable pattern, etc., which are superior in moisture resistance, acid resistance, high temperature resistance and styling ability. In general, poor natural stone is naturally caused, while poor artificial stone is caused by artificial quality.

Solid wood, plate type, do not have to compare the words of solid wood and plate type. When the selection of furniture, the frequency of occurrence is the highest, but people always have different levels of solid wood in the subconscious, the plate is not worth the conclusion. The main argument is that the substrate of the panel furniture is MDF or particleboard, but it is because of the performance of the MDF or particleboard that the solid wood force can not be achieved, such as: the plate is large, the material is stable, and it is easy to break and crack. Phenomenon, scratch resistance and so on. Moreover, a piece of solid wood furniture can come from a factory or from a workshop, but a piece of panel furniture is from a medium-sized factory, and its investment is very large due to the many equipment and flow operations involved. Therefore, the difference between the plate type and the solid wood is completely divided into a production specification and a technical realization in the furniture industry, and has nothing to do with the nobleness of the product itself. Therefore, compared with the solid wood and the plate type, it is better to compare the products in the respective categories of solid wood and plate.

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