Beer bottle "slimming" is a disguised price increase or the trend?

620 milliliters has shrunk to 580 milliliters! Recently, Zhu Xiangwu, who likes to drink beer, discovered that the beer capacities of brands such as Snow Beer and Zhujiang Pure Health have become smaller.

Beer manufacturers have denied that bottle weight is a price increase, but some consumers think that the amount of beer is small, although the price has not changed, but it is disguised price increase.

Beer bottle "thin"

"Now, not all of them are slim, so this wine bottle has also been 'slim'.

"Yesterday, in a supermarket near Shenyang Nanhu Park, the dealer, Guo Yan, said that he only changed the snow-green card from 620 milliliters to 580 milliliters." Because the purchase price hasn't changed, so the retail price is not It will change with less capacity.


In another supermarket, the capacity of Zhujiang draft beer cans was also changed from the previous 330 ml to 300 ml. Supermarket staff Ai Jie said that adjustments have been more than half a month, but the retail price has not changed.

Is the bottle thinner?

Beer bottles are "thin", and some consumers think this is a disguised price increase.

However, businesses do not think so. The relevant person in charge of Shenyang China Resources Snow Beer Co., Ltd. stated that the retail price of the goods has not changed. “Prices are directly linked to the costs. There is also a cost to change bottles, so we are not disguised price increases.


According to the relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Zhujiang Beer Group Co., Ltd., the slimming of the bottle is a normal adjustment to meet the market consumption trend. "At the earliest time, large bottles of beer came from the Chinese packaging bottle net, which was 640 milliliters. In the past two years, they were all around 600 milliliters. The small package was also changed from the previous 500 milliliters to 330 milliliters. This is aimed at consumer trends and markets. Such factors as adjustments.


Small packaging reduces costs

Some manufacturers are not satisfied with the manufacturer’s claims.

The citizen Ding Weiwei said, "Although there has been no change in the price tag, the amount of goods purchased by consumers at the same price has decreased. In this case, it naturally belongs to price adjustment in disguise.


Some citizens expressed their understanding. "The design and renewal of wine bottles really need to adapt to the trend. Like many domestic brands of beer packaging methods have been eliminated in foreign countries, the backwardness of this kind of packaging is the biggest gap between domestic beer and imported beer.

"The citizen Zhang Xiang said.

The Shenyang Liquor Industry Association also stated that small bottles can reduce the risk of bottle bursts and at the same time reduce the company’s production costs.

Manufacturers have "thin bottles" in succession, should not be simply to meet the trend.

Sociologist Zhang Sining said that the current market competition has intensified, and the operating costs of enterprises are also increasing invisibly. Although the rigid demand for livelihood products is still in place, sales of high-priced consumer goods are not optimistic. Therefore, in this case, the merchant will not easily raise prices, and can only secretly convert the increased costs.

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