Home improvement acceptance "five steps"

Consumers usually use the method of personally marking the site to supervise the quality of the construction so that problems can be resolved in a timely manner. In fact, if you are a layman in the decoration, then even if you are on the construction site every day,
I can't see the problem. For those who have no time to work, it is even more unrealistic to "peg the site." Therefore, if the consumer can grasp the progress in the decoration process and accept the inspection in stages, it can avoid the pain of running and can control the quality of construction.

1. Before entering the venue

See if the demolition and rectification project complies with the contract, whether there are potential safety hazards, whether the wall treatment is clean, and whether the quantity, grade and specifications of the incoming materials are in accordance with the prior agreement.

2, water circuit

The acceptance of the second stage should be a separate acceptance of waterway and circuit transformation. Consumers should check whether all the modified lines are unobstructed under the operation of professional hydraulics or electricians, whether the layout is reasonable, whether the operation is standardized, and reconfirm the line transformation. Actual size. Only after the line is changed, the putty worker can pick up the wall and put the putty.

3, woodworking work size

After the third acceptance is completed after the woodworking foundation is completed, the ceiling and plaster line in the room should also be completed. The wall tiles of the kitchen and bathroom should also be pasted, and the wall to be painted should be scraped twice. Putty. The acceptance work at this stage is very important. Consumers should carefully check the drawings and confirm the dimensions of each part. If any areas are found to be inconsistent, the construction team should be promptly prompted to modify.

4, the quality of woodworking work

When all the veneer's veneers are attached, and the wood thread is glued, the consumer can carry out the fourth stage of acceptance. This time is basically halfway through the construction period. The inspection at this stage should focus on the color difference and texture of the wood products as well as the flatness of the large area and the uniformity of the gap.

After the wood products are completed, the oil workers can start the primer treatment work, and all the tiles should be finished at this stage. This is the fifth stage in the staged acceptance.

5, after completion

The acceptance content in the final stage is the most comprehensive and thorough. Consumers should check the installation of the treads, sanitary ware and hardware, whether the topcoat of the wood products is in place, whether the paint on the wall and top is uniform, whether the panel and the fixtures installed by the electrician are suitable, and whether the wiring is correct. In addition, consumers should ask the construction team to thoroughly clean the room before exiting.

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