Looking at the future printer market from both marketing and technology perspectives

The crisis is not divided into industries, and all parties are hot and cold. Under the impact of the financial crisis, all parties have tightened their spending. Not only has the spending on personal life begun to shrink, but the company's procurement concept has become more pragmatic. How to use limited financial resources in the blade is more intelligent.
Everything starts from actual needs, and products with high cost performance and technical content are more popular. Some insiders also pointed out that nowadays both corporate users and individual consumers are more cautious when spending money, and more sensible when looking at advertising. In the context of the economic downturn in 2009, how should print companies respond to changes in consumer behavior? Is it a high-investment promotion to drive sales, or is it focused on technology and hard work?
The two camps jointly promoted the market development. After several years of rapid development, the Chinese printer market gradually formed two camps of “marketing” and “technology”. In the marketing camp, representatives such as Hewlett-Packard are the representatives. They promote the customer's desire to purchase, strengthen the brand image, invigorate the market, and innovate the brand influence of the brand by promoting the first, with large-scale, three-dimensional, and innovative propaganda. People's heart.
The technology camp takes technology as the first priority and leads the market mainly through strong technical strength and technological innovation capabilities. Leading technology brings not only the rich variety of product lines and the leading performance of products; in addition, the “soft indicators” such as cost performance, replacement, service and environmental protection features also show more room for display. In this camp, Fuji Xerox of laser printers showed outstanding performance. Especially in 2007 and 2008, it introduced color waxing technology and new LED technology, which made the printer's energy saving and environmental protection characteristics and color output quality have a qualitative leap.
In 2009, focusing on technology, the development of competition between the two camps of hard work has undoubtedly brought huge benefits to consumers - not only allows them to have more choices, but also better meet their ever-changing personalization. demand. However, in the face of the severe economic situation in 2009, enterprises and consumers have to prepare for “consulting and shrinking”. In the context of the economic crisis, consumers are no longer as easy to be dominated by vendor propaganda as in the past, and pragmatism and rationality will accelerate into the mainstream of consumer behavior.
Looking forward to 2009, both internal and external training is still the general direction, and it is believed that it will be the primary magic weapon for printer manufacturers to spend the winter. In the 2009 and future printer markets, printer manufacturers in the technology camp and marketing camp will grow and fall. However, in the long run, using technology as the core driving force and technological innovation to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is the core factor that can truly promote market development, and is the long-term foothold of manufacturers. This is not difficult to explain that the overall decline in the Chinese printer market in 2008 was 1.8%, while Fuji Xerox printers based on technology achieved a high growth rate of 32.3%, other printers (IDC data). In the situation that the sales of most printers have declined, Fuji Xerox has seen a significant increase in sales, which cannot be said to be the vitality brought about by technology.
Whether it is technology-oriented or marketing-oriented, products are ultimately faced with user considerations, and meeting the needs of users is an eternal theme. In 2009, I hope that the Chinese printer market will usher in a broader future under the two camps.

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