Trend: The best wine drinking glasses are actually wine bottles

The only problem with drinking with a bottle is that it's hard to know exactly where you're going to drink a few glasses and where to stop.

Wine enthusiasts often fret about what kind of cups they choose to match their red, white, and rosé wines. The latest research shows that the best wine drinking glasses are actually wine bottles.

Any wine glass maker will not tell you the benefits of using a bottle to drink wine, but its benefits are obvious from the point of view of taste, environmental protection, and economics.

The best crystal wine glasses generally have a larger stomach and then tighten at the cup to enhance the taste. This function is also available for wine bottles, and the tightening at the bottleneck also reinforces the taste of the wine.

From the aspect of environmental protection, using wine bottles instead of wine glasses reduces the output of exhaust gas such as carbon dioxide produced and transported from glass wine glasses and also reduces unnecessary packaging materials. The economic benefits are obvious, but it also allows you to drink more easily, almost anytime, anywhere, without the need for wine glasses.

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